Joining the Church Choir as a Treble

So, you think you want to join the choir?

That's excellent news, it is a really good thing to be part of. You can make friends, make wonderful music, have some fun, use your talent and skill to worship God and - you get paid as well! But, before you get too carried away with yourself you should understand some more about what goes on and what will be expected of you. Please read this information here and, if you are still interested, please feel free to contact the organist and choirmaster to arrange to come along and see for yourself.

Being in the church choir is a commitment and a responsibility and something you will need to discuss with your family. It is YOU who needs to be in church each Friday and Sunday but, particularly if you are younger, then you will need help with being taken to and from church from someone older in your family. It is important that you attend regularly for the practices on Friday evenings and services on Sunday mornings. If you can't or don't attend regularly you will miss out on a lot that goes on, you will not feel part of the team and you will not enjoy it as much. Everyone will have to miss from time to time, we don't want you bringing your coughs and colds in to infect the rest of us and obviously you will have family holidays and weekends away. But, these things aside, it is important that you realise this is at least a 'twice a week' commitment that you are prepared to make.

We practice each Friday evening, starting at 7:30pm and finishing at 8:45pm. There is normally a short break half way through for you to chat with your friends, and the church is always open by 7:15pm if you want to come early to meet with others.

The choir does have some holidays though - but not necessarily at the times you might expect! There are no practices or choir at services through the month of August, and generally there will be no practice or choir at the services in the weekends immediately after Christmas and Easter. But as far as all the other school holidays are concerned the choir still carries on.

No previous singing or music experience is necessary, although if you are currently learning an instrument or have other musical involvement you will certainly find the choir easier. Where appropriate we can use a choir training scheme known as "Voice for Life" which is published by the Royal School of Church Music. This training scheme has a number of levels that you progress through and as you reach each level you get a Voice for Life medal with differing coloured ribbons to show which level you have reached. Watch out for the red ribbons - these are the highest level that we use currently in the choir.

You get paid three times a year - before Easter, before the school summer holidays and before Christmas. You are paid for each practice and service you have attended and the amount you are paid for each increases as you progress through the choir training scheme.

There will also be some weddings to sing at which many people find quite exiting. These are generally on Saturdays of course, and you get paid separately for weddings. We also have a small number of Sunday evening services throughout the year - but probably only three or four for the entire year.

If, after reading all this, you are still interested then please get in touch to arrange to come along and try it out.

Cliff Brown

Organist and Choirmaster
St. Peter and St. Paul, Tring